Often, we think that we know ourselves the best, however, more often than not, we end up discovering a facet of our personality that even we don’t know about — and while we are at it, why not play a game to gauge our personality better?

Look closely at this picture. It shows four friends walking along a pavement waving goodbye, yet all of them are surrounded by an immediate danger close by. While it is evident that all four of them will have an accident sooner or later, the question is whom do you think will get into trouble first? The answer you choose will give us a peek into your personality.

Remember, there is no right and wrong to this answer, it is just the way you perceive the world to be!


You are a natural healer and you are in touch with your inner emotions. You are very wise and people often come to you with their problems. You are a very good leader and an equally good friend — you listen to the problems of others and provide solutions to their problems. You have an empathetic ear and you help out the poor and the needy. You are a guide, philosopher and friend to all those who need you. Your lucky charms are: Red roses, spring time and your cell phone.


You are an extremely practical person who does not like any complications in life. You have a simple, yet spiritual lifestyle and you are an observer and a realist. This is not to say that you are brooding and a narcissist; you like to have fun, but within the confines of your boundaries. You like to day each day as it comes and do not like to dwell too deep into many matters — Your lucky charms are: Beauty salons, swimming and the Fall.


You are an intelligent person who does not like to leave jobs half finished. Whatever you start, you finish. You do not like to dwell over things that have gone astray or ugly and you like to keep your eyes on the future. You are good at convincing people and are always thinking of ways to contribute your bid to the society — you will make for a great leader or politician. You would also do well in a social media job. Your lucky charms are: Football, summer and brainteasers.


You are extremely creative! Your mind functions on a unique platform and you do not like run-of-the-mill things. You take part in all that is ordinary and out-of-the- box. You bring fresh ideas to the table and you would do well in jobs that stimulate your creative skills such as poets, musicians and the like. You like speed in your life and you are always on the lookout for new, exciting opportunities in your life. Your lucky charms are: Feathers, winter and red things.

So, what is your personality type? Pass this to your friends and family and see how many of them are able to gauge their personality correctly!

Source: Interesting Facts & Information

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