Weighing premier’s interaction with the Diaspora

Various media outlets hailed the recent Primer Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed’s visits to the United States of America (USA) as extraordinary and epochal in terms of cementing Diaspora members’ involvement in nation building process. But, how do scholars view his visits?

For Bahir Dar University Lecturer Desalegn Belachew, the visit was extremely successful in many ways. “Regardless of ethnicity, political ideology ,age and sex , it has brought together all Diaspora members for the first time in Ethiopian history.”
He, moreover, says his trip has proved that the collapse of the age-old wall of hatred and separation among the Diaspora communities.

The Primer has succeeded to build trust and put an end to the division along ethnic lines in Ethio Diaspora via erecting the brigade of unity and togetherness, he adds.
“ Look ,for long ,the political reality in the home country had been influencing the mindset of the Diaspora for better or worse , but now the Diaspora has almost reached to consensus in putting aside differences through roundtable discussions.”

As to him ,the other important milestone during the visit was the proclamation of Ethiopia Day in Mega cities like Washington and Los Angles. “Such success story has been registered due to the large turnout of Ethiopians during the meeting with Dr. Abiy in respective cities.”
The visit has given big lesson to all Diaspora communities in a bid to have a clear understanding of the proposed Diaspora Trust Fund and other socioeconomic and political developments in the homeland, he notes.

Desalegn stresses that the move to attract the Diaspora investment in Ethiopia need to be supported assigning and appointing human capital by merit with functioning institutions across the nation.

He, furthermore, says amending, developing policies and strategies that could speed up the reform activities towards the Diaspora community should be well framed in line with their interests. Regarding dual citizenship, he says the constitution needs to be revised to allow such citizen status with a view to enhancing Diaspora participation in development drive of their country of origin.

Dilla University Journalism and Communication Instructor Abera Wondesen says during the previous periods, senior officials used to face opposition demonstration in USA . “ So I thought first that the new Primer’s fate would be same as to his predecessors ,but I was left speechless seeing the warm welcoming ceremonies to Dr. Abiy by members of Diaspora in USA.”
The trip has healed the wounds of ethnic conflict among the Ethio Diaspora apart from burying the politics of hatred for good ,he notes.

For Abera, exchanging ideas with the Diaspora communities on how to make Ethiopia peaceful, democratic and prosperous is crucial for bringing about social harmony and sustainable devel opment.

Institutions in charge of security, good governance and service provision should be well grounded to respect the demand and support the reform, he says adding :“ We, Ethiopians, share common cultural heritage and come together because of shared history as well as difference to this end. ”


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