“We will send a delegation to Addis Ababa” President Isaias Afwerki

“Ethiopia is now at a turning point, showing positive signals. The unfolding event in Ethiopia warrants appropriate attention.”

20 June 2018 – President Isaias Afwerki on Martyrs Day speech said today, “we will send a delegation to Addis Abeba to gauge current developments directly and in depth and to chart out a plan for continuous future action”.

The Eritrean President (pictured) said, “These are times of epochal change and transition. These events cannot but imbue additional significance to Martyrs Day that we are commemorating today.
The events and developments that have unfolded in our region in general and in Ethiopia in particular in the recent period warrant appropriate attention.”

“It is the Ethiopian people – forced as they were into adversarial ties of vertical polarization – who were primary victims, and who have borne the main brunt, of the destructive policies of the TPLF regime and its paymasters.”

He added, “Ethiopia is now at a turning point or transition… Although it will require time and efforts to remove the TPLF’s toxic and malignant legacy and to bring about a congenial climate, the positive direction that has been set in motion is crystal clear.”

“As it is the case with Eritrea, the people of Ethiopia also relish peace and harmony with their neighbour… The positive signals issued in these past days can be seen as an expression of this popular choice.”

“The complimentarity of both peoples & countries, their common bilateral interests & prosperity, are sacrosanct objectives to which we have toiled and paid sacrifices for two generations. As such, it remains a priority for which we will be actively engaged.”

“The Eritrean & Ethiopian peoples have lost an opportunity of two generations for over half a century due to policies designed to promote external agendas. When they achieved their respective liberation in 1991 through common struggle, they embarked, in earnest, on new chapter.”

“This (cooperation between Eritrea and Ethiopia) was prompted by the desire to advance their complimentary bilateral ties as well as to enhance collective growth in the entire Horn of Africa region.”

“We shall continue to work together with our partners, in accordance with our policy choice of active engagement and without any reservations and prejudgment, to prompt the current US Administration to rectify previous misguided policies in our region.”

Via Eritrean Press

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