ወይኔ የአራዳ ልጅ 5 – Wayne Yarada Lij 5 [Full Movie 2020]

What makes a comedy a classic? Something that floats on the changing tides of time and taste, remaining relevant – and hilarious? It probably takes more than a football to the groin or a juiced-up fart on the audio track. (Though we’re not not saying those can sometimes be the pinnacle of professional-grade jokes.) We don’t have the answer, but we’re getting you closer to laugh-out-loud enlightenment than humanly thought possible. We’re melting minds, splitting sides, and slapping knees here.

Here is the long-awaited Ethiopian Comedy movie, Wayne YeAradfa Lij Part 5 straight from the cinema. Enjoy it with your familiy and friends. And don’t forget to share!

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