The United States Government Has Discontinued Issuing Visa To Citizens, Subjects, Nationals, and Residents of Eritrea

The United States announced has announced today that it will stop issuing visa to Eritrean nationals as of September 13, a move first hinted at the end of August. The U.S. Embassy in Eritrea’s capital, Asmara stated on a statement it issued that it has ‘discontinued’ issuing type B1, B2 and B1/B2 visa to Eritrean subjects, nationals and residents of Eritrea. But it hinted that there will be ‘limited exceptions’ in accordance with the Immigration and Nationality Act. The Trump administration sought to impose visa restrictions on four Asian and African nations refusing to take back their citizens who’ve been deported from the United States. Cambodia, Eritrea, Guinea and Sierra Leone are expected to be affected by the sanctions.

Check the official announcement posted below

“New Visa Restriction

As of September 13, the U.S. Embassy in Asmara, Eritrea has discontinued issuing B1, B2 , and B1/B2 visas to citizens, subjects, nationals, and residents of Eritrea, with limited exceptions, in accordance with Section 243(d) of the Immigration and Nationality Act.

If you are subject to this visa restriction and you choose to apply, we will interview you but will not be able to issue a visa until the restrictions are lifted. Please consider this carefully before you apply.

Application fees will not be refunded.

ካብ መስከረም 13, 2017 ጀሚሩ ኤምባሲ ሕቡራት መንግስታት አሜሪካ አብ አስመራ, ኤርትራ ቪዛ B1, B2 ከምኡ’ውን B1/B2 ንኤርትራውያንን ንአብ ኤርትራ ዝነብሩ ካለኦት ዜጋታት (ብዘይካ ንፍሉይ ኩነት) ብመሰረት Section 243(d) of the immigration and nationality Act. ደው ከምዘበለ ንሕብር።

እዚ ናይ ቪዛ ደው ምባል ዝምልከቶ ኩሉ ቪዛ ክሓትት አንተመሪጹ ቓለመሕትት ክግበር ይከአል ይኹን’ምበር ክሳብ እቲ ተወሲኑ ዘሎ ናይ ቪዛ ደው ምባል ዝልዓል ቪዛኹም ክሕተም አይክእልን እዩ። ስለዚ ቅድሚ ቪዛ ምሕታትኩም ደጊምኩም ሕሰብሉ።

ናይ ቪዛ ክፍሊት አይምለስን እዩ።” U.S. Embassy Asmara, Eritrea

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