The Genesis of Ethiopian Problems: The Ghion River and Eyerusalem!

By: Belayneh Abate

As prudent Ethiopians know, the current donkey back riders of the Ethiopian People Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) are fighting with the former donkey back riders of the EPRDF.  The people should understand that these two groups of donkey back riders are fighting for power, and not for the Ethiopian people.

As the two groups of the EPRDF donkey back riders are fighting,  the opportunist intellectuals are dancing the usual cadre dance behind the two groups of the donkey back riders. The opportunist intellectuals, who are dancing behind the former donkey back riders of the EPRDF are dancing a festa dance because the West is threatening the current donkey back riders of the EPRDF. On the other hand, the opportunist intellectuals, who are standing behind the current donkey back riders of the EPRDF are dancing a mourning dance because the West is imposing sanctions on the current donkey back riders of the EPRDF.

It appears that these two groups of cadre intellectuals have failed to understand the genesis of the Ethiopian problem since the Earth was created. Some gullible intellectuals also believe that the leaders of the Western countries value human life, and they care about the innocent Ethiopians slaughtered every second because of the ethnic hatred sowed by the donkey back  riders of the  EPRDF for three decades.  They have failed to analyze the fact that if the leaders of the Western countries value the lives of innocent Ethiopians, they could have stopped their full support to the former donkey back riders of EPRDF who have been committing ethnic cleansing and genocide for decades.

Without any hesitation, the  leaders of the Western countries always warn the globe that they do not have the slightest  patience to any power that stands against their self-interests. When it comes to Ethiopia, their self-interests have been strongly tied to the  Ghion River and Eyerusalem for centuries. They use the Ghion river to make Egypt  kneel to their feet so that it will continue to disqualify the questions of the Arab world related to Eyerusalem.

When the late Gamal Abdel Nassar tried to unite the Arab world against the West and Israel, he was warned that they would divert the Ghion river to Eyersualem through sky pipes, and he would buy buckets of water from Israel. Similarity, when the “Brotherhoods” became powerful around the time of the Arab spring, the West ordered Legesse Zenawi to start building a dam, and he started it overnight to please them and stay in power longer. As a result, Egypt knelt down at the  feet of the West, and the dam and the damn Ethiopian rulers lost the support of the West.

Now, as Sudan recognizes Israel as a nation, and Egypt continues to deflate the questions of Arabs related to Eyerusalem, the West is using the souls of the massacred Ethiopians as  weapons to threaten the current damn Ethiopian rulers so that they can come to the terms of Egypt and Sudan regarding the use of the Ghion river.

Instead of dancing behind the former and current donkey back riders of EPRDF, the opportunist intellectuals should at least read the book titled “The Cross and the River: Ethiopian, Egypt and the Nile” by Haggai Erlich,  and learn how King Lalibella, King Nakute-leab, King Made-Tsiyon, King Yikuno-Amlak, King Dawit, and most recently Prime Minister Aklilu Habtewold effectively tackled the genesis of Ethiopian problems: The Ghion River and Eyerusalem. Thank you.

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