Experts believe that the name is a set of certain sounds – waves with certain parameters that have an impact on our character.But the most dominant is the first letter.

If the first letter is repeated in the name, its effects on the personality are even stronger. There are dozens of research on the subject, but today we will introduce you to one of them, namely how the first letter of the our name determines what we need most in our relationships to be happy. And what are the specific traits of our character.

A – Tenderness and aggression. These people are very energetic, sometimes even workaholics. They need to be leaders in their relationships. They also need constant emotions, because routine usually makes them “look for a way out”.

B – They fall in love pretty hard! They are cautious, they want to be sure of the partner’s intentions first, and only then allow to be themselves. They don’t like scandals and arguments. Therefore, their partner should be extremely balanced, but most importantly- reliable!

C – Extremely passionate people with unmistakable instincts for the feelings of their partner. After they end a relationship, they don’t suffer for long. However, they are easily disappointed. Your smallest mistake may disgust them. So, at least initially, be more cautious. They will be happy with a strong, responsible partner.

D – Happy people who enjoy life. They want their partner to constantly prove to them how incredible they are, and they don’t want a total commitment. So if you want to make this person happy you will have to approach them more liberally and selflessly. And never restrict their freedom.

E – very nice and romantic people who deeply suffer disappointments. They expect their partner to be completely dedicated, polite and caring. Even the slightest form of neglect leads to very painful feelings in these gentle creatures.

F – Extremely persistent and freedom-loving people. They need a dose of adventure and even eccentricity in their relationships. A boring person will just ruin them. They are not afraid of loneliness, so you will make a big mistake if you give them an ultimatum or threaten them with separation.

G – Very sentimental people. They keep every warm memory for years. They are loyal and sincere, expecting the same from their partner. Sometimes it will seem to you that they have too many requirements, but in fact they only want two things – trust and respect. If you deceive them, you won’t be forgiven.

H – Ambitious people who like to stand out in the crowd. It’s hard for them to stay long in a relationship because they are full of life, they want to get to know new things and quickly became bored from their partner. So, if you want to keep them, you’ll have to make a lot of effort. Gifts,trips, parties … Something new should happen every day.

I – These people don’t need constant variety. They feel well both in an expensive restaurant and cuddling up on the sofa with their partner. However, what makes them happy are the little things. The little gestures speak to them more them than the most expensive gift.

J – They are a little selfish. Or rather, they love to be pampered and adored. So it’s clear – if you want their smile to shine like the sun, keep them as the most precious creature in the world.

K – They want to find true love but they doubt that it actually exists. Therefore, they need constant proof of the feelings of their partner. And the slightest doubt can damage them emotionally.

L – Every person whose name begins with the letter L is absolutely loving, but also tends to have addiction – alcohol, gambling, and so on. Their psyche is more fragile, so the person beside them should be very stable, that won’t make them feel guilt. Their partner should constantly remind them how capable and special they are.

M – A warm heart, a charming smile and enormous hopes for love. However, they often hurry – they want a close relationship after the first date. This is a bad joke to them almost always. They need more adventurous and impulsive actions.

N – Absolute vulnerability hidden under a barbed shell. These allegedly though people are one of the most gentle souls. That is why, in the first place, they need a brave person who will break these strong walls around them.

O – Great dreamers that really care about their partners. They need intimacy. Don’t go around noisy places with them. The partner should prefer the coziness and tranquility more than partying with friends.

P – These are people who are always attracted to “forbidden” partners – bad boys/girls, bosses. But don’t jump to conclusions. Being attracted to someone doesn’t always mean that they will act on it. They also need a bit of mystery. The moment they feel that their partners are truly committed, they will just stops being interested in them.

Q – At the beginning they are very compliant and willing to compromise. But their patience also has limits, and they should never be tricked. Any normal person who doesn’t have a big ego and a mania for dominance will feel very well with a woman whose letter begins with letter Q. They don’t need much or something in particular.

R – They are absolute aesthetes. They are naturally beautiful. Hearty, sincere, cheerful, they yearn for love. They enjoy both giving and receiving. For happiness they only need a desire to exchange feelings. Cold people may attract their attention, but over time they will only bring them disappointment.

S – Very magnetic people. They always have a couple of admirers around them. They love sex as well as flirting. Yet they tend to be too patient and naive. First of all, they must have confidence in themselves and their skills. The key factor in their happiness is someone who will assure them of their beauty but also their intelligence.

T – Supporters of long and committed relationships and a peaceful life. It’s not about what makes them happy, but what makes them unhappy. And that’s conflict and aggressive partner. For some people this might be exciting, but not for those whose name begins with the letter T.

U – They love sensuality. A great way of expression of these people whose name starts with this letter is to have dinner, drink wine or go to the movies with their partner. They are very satisfied and are happy to receive gifts and other expressions of affection from their partner.

V – When these individuals like someone, they will do their best to pursue this relationship. They enjoy caring and be cared by their partner. It is a two-way road so both people need to feel loved.

W – These people will give everything for their partner. They have a pedestal, where they put the one who will steal their heart. They love flirting and their strongest point is passion. They are truly romantic.

X – They want a partner who will improve their reputation and make them a better person. Gifts should be considered as an investment in the relationship with these individuals.

Y – These people have a great amount of physical energy. They can carry out amazing romances in the head, and apart from being idealistic, they need to experience it to really believe in love.

Z – They express their love freely and are willing to make risky decisions. They need to feel that their partner will be intellectually stimulating in order to be happy with them.

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