Have you already found an ideal Profession or are you still wandering around looking for it? This test will help you focus on the one where you can be the best.

Many people today are facing with the constant dilemma: what type of profession is the right one for me? This test, designed by Doctor of Science Susan Dellinger, helps you discover more about yourself and the profession where you can be the best.

In order to find out whether you are in the right profession or what is best for you in the future, you should carefully look at the shapes below and choose the one that you think best represents you as a person. Then organize the other shapes starting from the one you find most appealing.

The best thing about this test is that there are no wrong answers and each Shape Personality is good. Each personality type possesses many admirable traits and each one carries a potential to succeed in life.


The most important thing to you are good interpersonal relationships, that is, it is important for you to be happy in your surroundings. You are a glue that keeps all your associates together. You are able to stabilize the group and have a high capacity for empathy and joy, and you feel the pain of others as your own. Your faults such as the tendency to talk about others, indecision, laziness, and self-sacrifice often “eat you” and do not allow you to find your own peace, either to gain recognition of success.

The most suitable professions for you are acting, marketing, historian, housewife, human resources manager, teacher, caterer, and writer.


You are a hard-working person who pushes forward and always wants to finish what you start. Some of your major qualities in all life situations are your patience and methodology. However, given that you are able to check every part of your work in detail, which slows down your determination, it will be difficult to reach the head position. Because of the dominant use of the left side of your brain, which characterizes logical thinking, you never hear your inner voice, but you are able to analyze for hours how to reach a solution rather than follow your intuition.

Ideal professions for you are an accountant, bank clerk, programmer, construction worker, doctor, engineer, secretary, trader, and driver.


You are a born manager, you can easily focus on a purposeful goal, and you can carefully analyze the situation while sucking up new information like a sponge. You are self-confident and you want to be right about everything, so it is no wonder that you find it very difficult to acknowledge a mistake. Your preferences are control, critical thinking, innovation, precision, visibility, ambition, comprehensiveness, objectivity, focus, inclination to respect hierarchy. Your impatience and self-reliance are barriers on your way to achieving high goals.

Ideal professions that would be the most fulfilling to you are working as an architect, contractor, designer, economist, manager, attorney, soldier, pilot, politician, trade unionist.


Just like the shape of a rectangle that starts from one form and passes to another, so are you constantly trying to sit on two chairs. You do not recognize your own qualities and you are constantly looking for a way out of the current situation. Others would describe you as a confused person and a one with a lack of self-confidence, while on the other hand, you are curious and courageous. You will try to do something that nobody has done before and ask everything that others do not have the courage to ask.

Most suitable profession for you would be to work as an entrepreneur, animator, head of a department, and a public contractor.


You are very creative, just as the sign symbolizes. You rely on imagination, you have the ability to create a balanced view of the world and see its inner beauty. On the other hand, you are very restless and you cannot work for a long time in one place. You get bored, especially since you believe that nothing is final and written in the rules. It’s easy for you to come up with ideas, but the problem is that you hardly realize those ideas, because you are simply looking at three steps forward and are more interested in the possibility of accomplishing than the reality itself.

Ideal professions for you would be artist, interior designer, inventor, musician, professor, promoter, researcher, and carpenter.

Source: readlly.com

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