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Social-media images shown as evidence of ‘Russian trolls’

GETTY IMAGES Senator Patrick Leahy said technology companies could have done “a lot more earlier” about the fake accounts

US senators have put on show several examples of what they believe to be Russia’s attempt to influence US citizens via social media.

Facebook, Twitter and Google had previously shared with congressional investigators some examples of what they suspected to be adverts and messages posted by Russia-based “troll” operatives, but the material had not previously been made public – although some instances had already been identified  by the press.

Below are the cases displayed during the Senate Subcommittee on the Judiciary’s hearing on Tuesday.

Further examples are likely to be highlighted during a follow-up event, involving the same three companies, being held by the Senate Subcommittee on Intelligence later on Wednesday.

GETTY IMAGES This tweet falsely suggested citizens could vote via text message during November’s presidential election
GETTY IMAGES This doctored image featuring the comedian Aziz Ansari was also posted to Twitter
US SENATE Senator Chris Coons said this advert had been run by Russia to target Facebook users identified as being supportive of army veterans
GETTY IMAGES President Trump was said to have retweeted a message from a fake account run by Russian agents
GETTY IMAGES An account titled Being Patriotic was used to publicise a “miners for Trump” event held in Pennsylvania in October 2016
GETTY IMAGES Facebook accounts linked to Russia included Infidels Against Islam; Fed-up with Illegals; Guardians of Freedom; and Stop Killing White People

Source: BBC

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