Are you ashamed to smile because your teeth are becoming more and more yellow? Here are seven tips that can help you get rid of the yellow color on your teeth:

– Blueberries have some whitening characteristics: crush the berries and scrub your teeth with them using your finger of a clean toothbrush. When you finish wash them and clean them with a dental floss.

– Orange juice contributes in getting rid of the teeth’s yellowness: mix some orange juice with a teaspoon of salt until it becomes a paste and then use the toothbrush to rub your teeth.

– Use the toothpaste every day and make sure you buy a type that has a license from a body specialized in dental care in order to guarantee the quality, effectiveness and safety.

– Drink less coffee and tea: these drinks can dye your teeth.

– Some vegetables like carrots, cucumber and parsley need to be chewed and secrete their green color leaving their effects on your teeth. Chew a sugar free gum after you eat these types of vegetables in order to get rid of the residues and then drink some water.

– Water and milk are very effective in cleaning your teeth. Milk more particularly has some whitening and nutritive components for your teeth.

– You can always use the dental floss: keep them in the house and use them every day to get rid of the food residues stuck between your teeth.

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