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Selam bus might suspend operations in the Amhara region


Selam Bus Line Share Company, one of the largest long distance bus companies in Ethiopia, with close ties to the Tigray People’s Liberation Front might suspend its operations in the Amhara region because of growing boycott, according to insiders.
The 51 seater buses render service from Addis Ababa to 


Dessie, Bahir Dar and Gondar in the Amhara region while the Addis-Dessie route is doing reasonably okay but the company is losing massively from Addis Ababa, Bahr Dar and Gondar routes because of a politically motivated boycott. Passengers in the region prefer to use other network of commuter shuttles, such as Sky Bus, Limalimo, Ethiopian postal office buses and even smaller minibuses because of hostilities for the Selam bus company’s close association with the regime, our sources say. Though the company has been trying a wide-ranging advertising campaign and share sales mechanisms in response to the boycott, in the past two years, the company’s activities have been characterized by infrequent services, insufficient passengers.

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