Palmistry is an amazing science that can literally foretell the future of a person. However, do you know that there are certain lines on your palm that are considered to be unlucky? Men in particular, it is said should not have some particular lines on their palm. Read on to know more…

This line is rare, at times the line can be curved. In ancient palmistry the Via Lasciva line is known to mean that someone will be willing to overindulge in things in life, such as food or drugs. These people are normally focused on money and obtaining material wealth. This person always looks forward to things that will give them excitement. They often have an addictive personalities.

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Generally there are three variations of via Lasciva line are found in the palm. Which are shown in above figure.


It may run parallel to health line. It shows lust, lustful thought and greed for money. It specifies too much sensuality and obsession. This Line into the wrist denotes the most sensual dreams, desires, and imaginings, but, unlike the other class, it is usually only dangerous to the person on whose hand it is found.


It starts from inside the mount of Venus and going towards the mount of moon making inverted semi-circle it shows restlessness, excitement.


It stars from mount of Venus and going towards the mount of moon in irregular or wavy shape. This sign is usually found among those individuals addicted to drugs; moreover, if the hand of the individual is rough then it means the person has a drinking addiction.

Even though a person with the Line of Lasciva might be considered to be very intelligent and such a person might be very creative too, but that won’t help him. Such a man’s brain does not work in the right direction. Such a person is always hurt by the society and this unfortunately reflects on his behaviour. Such a person is extremely vulnerable and will blindly listen to anyone and everyone without using his brain.


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