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If you are worried stiff about those wretched pimples on your face and fed up with the costly but useless treatments that are available in the market, it is high time that you started using lemon. With its acidic and bleaching properties, lemon can easily be your cheapest way out of the problem of pimples. The main reasons why lemon is one of the most effective home remedies for pimples are listed below.

Oil removing property: The primary factor that makes lemon juice the most effective way to drive out pimples is its oil removing property. The citric acid in lemon clears away all the unnecessary oil that clogs under the skin and creates pimples.
Property of exfoliation: The other factor is that lemon has the property of exfoliation. In other words, it eradicates all the old dead skin that gets accumulated on the skin’s surface. This dead skin is one of the root causes in the formation of pimples.
Skin whitening property: Lemon extract also acts as a skin whitener or a bleacher and thus cures the red color that often makes pimples conspicuous.
Easy availability: Along with the above-said properties, the fact that lemon is easily available and does not cost much, when compared to all those popular cosmetics and skin treatment modes, makes lemon one of the best home remedies for pimples.

There are different ways in which lemon can be used as a home remedy for pimples. Lime juice can be applied on facial skin as it is or it can be mixed with other substances that are readily available at home. Following are a few methods of using lemon for removing pimples.

• Concentrated lemon extract: Lemon juice can be directly applied on the facial skin to remove pimples. However, you should be careful to apply the juice only on the pimple because the strong bleaching element might make the surrounding skin look whiter than usual if the juice spreads out. It is best to use a cotton swab to apply the concentrated lemon juice on the pimple. You should properly wash and clean your face, possibly with a skin cleanser, before applying the juice.
• Lemon and honey: The oil removing properties and exfoliation of lemon are most effective in combination with some natural moisturizer. Natural honey is a great moisturizer that can soothe the skin which might become too dry due to the application of lemon juice.
• Lemon with rosewater: Just like using the combination of lemon juice with honey, a mixture of lemon juice and rosewater can be just perfect in treating pimples. Rosewater is known for its anti-inflammatory and astringent properties. It is also an excellent skin cleanser.
• Lemon with egg white: Egg white can act as a great skin conditioner and therefore is perfect in combination with lemon juice for treating pimples.

The best suited proportion for the aforementioned combinations would be half a portion of lemon and one tablespoon of honey, rosewater or egg white. Using lemon juice in any of these methods for 10 to 20 minutes everyday for a period of three to five weeks can definitely bring positive results for your pimples problem.


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