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Leg presses are considered as one of the best exercises targets the lower body and helps to get a flat belly. Major muscles worked during these exercises are butts, hips and legs. Then you will get confused, how it kills belly fat?

The working out those primary muscles is highly important to get a flat belly. Secondary muscles involved in the leg presses are abdominal muscles.

Many people treat leg presses as a leg exercise. But the fact is that, while working in the lower body, an increased burning process is taking place in your belly.

Most of the women are worried about the lower belly fat. Leg presses burns fat in your lower belly and helps the belly looks attractive. Maintaining proper form is essential to take the best of its advantage. Start the routine with less weight. Your back must be flat against a backrest.

Your heels must be flat while placing it on the foot plate. Contract your belly muscles and legs should come perpendicular to knees. Adjust the position if you are not a getting knee at 90 degree form. Push with your feet and again repeat the steps. You can hold the assisting handles for support.

There are so many variations in leg press exercise which burns belly fat quicker. They are inclined wide and close stance leg presses, seated leg press, seated calf press. Add resistance as you progress. An increase in resistance will give you better results.

The major benefit of doing leg presses is, it helps to increase the efficiency to do more squats. You all know squats are working well for your belly. If you are able to do perform leg presses, then you will get required strength and endurance. This will result in doing intense exercises and as a result your belly fat burns quickly, giving you a dream belly.

Leg presses can be considered as an alternative for squats. But it is not a complete substitute for squats. If you are not able to do squats, leg presses are the best. Since it works for a lot of muscles, it is a total package for your lower body and helps to get a flat belly as an end result.

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