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A guided meditation while taking a break from working at the computer is a fast way to find relaxation. Through simple yoga movements associated with positive phrases, you can dissolve inner blockages and recharge your mind positive. Get peace, power, love and happiness in five minutes.

meditate on pc

1. Find peace in prayer with your God.

2. Send light or pray for (happiness, peace, love) to all beings: “I send light to … (name). May all people be happy. May the world be happy.”

3. Begin by understanding that this computer meditation is aimed at people of all religious denominations and it may also be practiced by atheists. Use or adapt the phrases that work for you. You can also rephrase the mantras and make them suitable for you. You can define God in your own way as a supreme being or as a cosmic force or life power. You can omit the mantra “Om God” if it does not fit for you. Hence, it is advised that the remainder of the article be read in this light.

4. Connect yourself with the Enlightened (Saints) or God (or other entity) Say: “Om all enlightened masters. Om God. I beg for guidance and help on my way.”

5. Get inner peace. Say: “I take things as they are. I flow positively with my life.”

6. Calm your mind. Speak (or think) one minute the mantra: “Om Shanti. Om Peace.”

7. Try focusing on peaceful thoughts and avoid thinking of the stressful thoughts

8. Relax.

9. Find a positive phrase. Then speak it. For example, “My positive phrase is …”: I go forward with love, peace, happiness and strength (power, energy). Be a victor in your life. God (or other entity) bless you. (This is an example of one possible positive phrase).

10. Linger. Finally, it is good to linger in the relaxation for some time. In this final phase, relaxation unfolds its healing (harmonizing) effects.


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