Getish Mamo ጌትሽ ማሞ Tekebel 4 (ተቀበል አራት) – New Ethiopian Music 2018(Official Video)

When popular Ethiopian musician Getish Mamo got his start as a singer he was only about nine years old. This was with the Ethiopian Armed Forces. Back then his salary was only 130 birr. He got his monthly wages from other employees.

As he tells it on the Josse show and in another radio program this is because he was considered too young to sign a payroll slip. At the time Getish had a love of Abu Walad cookies and was a close observer of the musicians that surrounded him.

Today Getish Mamo is at the top of his game. He had already written songs for an astounding 400 Ethiopian musicians as of the beginning of 2018. The lyrics for the legendary Mahmoud Ahmed, Helen Berehe’s song Lebe,Gossaye’s songs and many other hit songs attest to his skill as a songwriter.

After years of perfecting his music style, Getish Mamo began earning a reputation in the Addis Ababa wedding circuit. He is deeply grateful to the head of the Yod Abyssinia cultural group for helping accelerate his career when he was younger.

Getish Mamo joined the hordes of Ethiopian singers and musicians who go to Dubai to perform in thriving African music nightlife scene. He found the life there monotonous, with every day similar to the next.

Getish Mamo’s First Album Eyase Quickly Attracted Fans

Although Jossy while interviewing him, back in July 2017, told him he appreciated Dubai as a hub and incubator for Ethiopian musicians, Getish painted a more bleak picture. “You spend your time promoting others and before you know it years go by and younger entrants into the Ethiopian music industry replace you”, Getish tells Jose.

Edme Yebelal Dubai,” he explained. “So many really good singers have disappeared in Dubai,” he added.

Edme Yebelal in Amharic means it eats away at your best years, and in this context, refers to toiling away in clubs instead of finding your own creative potential.

Nonetheless, he found love in the UAE.   She is now his wife and mother of his son. Getish has a daughter from a previous relationship that is now 14.  Speaking of his experiences in Dubai he laments spending time promoting others, “I felt that I had to find something of my own,” he tells Jossy for whom  recently wrote song lyrics

Getish explains that he finds it much easier to express himself through his craft. When he met Mimisho in Dubai,  the woman he would later marry in Dubai he wrote her a song called “Besidet Lay Fikir”.

His first album Eyase means “Gathering together” in the Oromo language. “The album as a whole has 14 songs,” Getish tells Jossy. On the Jossy interview, he sings various tunes of some of his more popular songs

His recent 2018 single “Yamegnal”, from the Tekebel 3 music album is quickly growing in view counts. In addition, many of his songs are among the most popular Ethiopian songs on Youtube. Significantly, just one has 15 million views.





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