Ethiopians’ heart is close to forgiveness,peace,unity

ADDIS ABABA- When religious fathers at disagreement lose and when we lose, the church wins and Ethiopia wins. Unity and peace must reign supreme in our country. When peace and unity take the upper hand God takes delight.

Dr Abiy takes the lion’s share for the unfolding.

These remarks were made when the Ethiopian Orthodox synod that splat into two for 26 years held a reconciliation and peace program yesterday in the millennium hall here in Addis.

It was also remarked Ethiopians need no third party to declare reconciliation putting under spotlight the fact that Ethiopians’ heart is close to forgiveness and love. It shows how averse they are to hatred to one another. Unity is strength. The Ethiopian Orthodox church,which is almost a synonymous to Ethiopian History, has been maintaining the peace and unity of the country.

Citizens and religious fathers must keep on praying for the furtherance of peace.

The program was the second of its type after the one held in America.

Higher government officials,various religious leaders and ambassadors of different countries had graced the meeting. Over 30 million the orthodox faithful were in attendance at the meeting.
Following the reconciliation move, members of the two synods were officially introduced with each other. In a photographing event, members of the two synods, mixing, had their shots taken.
Sunday students presented religious songs befitting the occasion.

BY LEULSEGED WORKU – Ethiopian Herald

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