Caring for peace like an egg at hand

Thought is controversial. But, when it comes to the state of peace, it has to come to a single point that it is the basis for everything. No peace means, our daily routines are under threat.
In a state of peace, people hope for bright future. They can express their concern freely.
Peace means dignity, well-being for all, not just the absence of war according to the UNs.

While deliberating on the essence of peace, the youth in Bahir Dar, Amhara State Capital recently said that youth across the country shall provide any concern in an organized manner without undermining the peace at hand in order to get issues calm.

Approached by the Amhara Mass Media Agency (AMMA), the youth reflected on issues of violence and future fate of the country, stressed that the youth have to prioritize peace and order before any case else and called upon the government to contain violence, killings and mistreatment of people in different parts of the country.

Youth are more likely to be at risk in a state of violence. Thus, the role of the youth in light of protecting the relative peace and freedom that they have at hand presently is crucial.
Voices of forgiveness and tolerance have been heard in the capital as well as in other parts of the country. On the others side, there are also brutalities which destruct peace and mutual trust. To normalize the situation, it needs an active participation of the youth across the country.
Violence negatively affects the “additive” literally to mean ‘medemer’ process in which the country is walking through.

Peaceful co-existence and dignity of people should be respected, the youth underlined.
Peace means for the youth is to be united in order to protect Ethiopian unity and help the nation move forward.
The daily routines of the youth will be in jeopardy in state of violence. Ethiopia has been suffering from lack of peace a year ago. And we must not let this to continue, town resident Youth Nigsu Takele said.

“Peace is like an egg. Unless you protect it well, it would be broken. Once it fails down and it costs to regain it even through the capital asset that you posses. When we hear that people loudly voicing unity and togetherness, we are happy, however, recently we are seeing barbaric violence and chaos in some parts of the country. These must not be contained, Nigus added.
“The killing of people and destruction of property has to be stopped. It is hard to get back our peace if we lost it. We very well knew how hard we were doing daily activities without peace during the last violence.”

Another resident, Maru Berhane, said, “I am committed to maintain peace and stability in a place I am residing. We (the youth) do not have to treat our own brothers and sisters in a barbaric way. We should stand for justice and peace.”
The youth stressed that the government should ensure accoun- tability. Individuals suspected of abusively assaulting people’s lives must face the law suit.

The way that the youth has to demand the government must be in a systematic and organized manner. They have to be mind that mob politics and emotion will lead to anarchy, Maru said.
Youth Ye’absira Aderajew for her part said the recently circulating videos and news of brutal attacks in the social media will make the Prime Minister’s Motto; additive and love fruitless. Youth must analyze carefully and condemn such inhuman killings, brutalities.

She said the youth need to be on the side of PM Abiy Ahmed (Ph.D) giving priority to peace, careful and loving each other letting behind the condition of mistrust among them (the youth) thereby to promote sense of togetherness.
Peace is so fragile that the youth have to take care of it. Parents must advise young people to be embarrassed with peace.


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