Selamawit Yohannes – Hambel | ሃምበል – New Ethiopian Music 2018 (Official Video)

Selamawit Yohanis Ambaw, known professionally as Selamawit Yohannes is an Ethiopian musical artist known for her Tigrinya and Amharic songs throughout Ethiopia and abroad. Selamawit has been involved in music since her teenage years and has produced several traditional and contemporary works that placed her among the best rated Ethiopian musical artists since 2015. 

Selamawit’s career took a sharp positive turn when she achieved sudden international fame due her well received 2016 single “Sennay”; her fan base increased substantially and was named the most influential Ethiopian artist for 2017. Selamawit has also doubled her efforts and released two new single in 2018 titled “Hanen” and “Zomawa” with the latter breaking her previous record her new music video receiving 1 million hits in it’s first week. 

Due to her incredible talent, creativity, knowledge and mastery of authentic Ethiopian rhythms and melodies, Selamawit’s contribution to Ethiopian music is already immense. It is also clear that with hard work and more exposure, she could also easily become a major contributor to world music in general.

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