Ethiopia is withdrawing troops from Eritrea border


Ethiopian troops are withdrawing from Shiraro front (map) near Badme Eritrean border, according to an unnamed source in Ethiopia.

Ural-43206, Russian made 4×4 light cargo military trucks and public transport buses (pictured) were used to transfer the Ethiopian troops.

The public buses that picked up the troops from Shiraro front came from Bahir Dar City.

The Ethiopian army had pledged to move its troops stationed at areas bordering Eritrea, according to the Deputy Chief of Staff L. General Berhanu Jula.

L. General Berhanu, who heads military operations said, “moving military forces stationed in border areas in the Ethiopian regions of Afar and Tigray is not the decision of the military, but the government.”

“If the government communicated with the Eritrean government and decided to remove the army from the border area, the army will remove them,” he added

It is remembered that in mid-July Eritrea has pulled troops back from the heavily militarized border with Ethiopia as a “gesture of reconciliation”.

Officially, Asmara and Addis Ababa have not publicly claimed the withdrawal of their troops from the border.

Via Eritrean Press


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