Some people have trouble thinking before they speak. If you’re guilty, you’re not alone. Words and phrases we probably shouldn’t say out loud tend to slip from time to time. The problem is, they can be hurtful. Being truthful is great, but there are some things you just shouldn’t say.

1. “You Look Tired”
If someone has ever said this to you, you can probably understand why this phrase has a tendency to get under people’s skin. It’s a negative comment that has no purpose. You have no idea what’s going on in someone else’s life. Keep this one to yourself.

2. “It’s Not Fair!”
Yep, life isn’t fair. And complaining about it won’t help you solve a hairy situation. If something goes wrong, focus your attention on trying to resolve the problem. Whining to others about your situation won’t make it any better.

3. “For Your Age”
Take any “for your…” statements out of your vocabulary. Telling someone “you look great for your age” or “you’re pretty smart for a woman” is nowhere near a compliment. If you really want to compliment someone, leave the “for your” phrase out of it.

4. “You Never” Or “You Always”
Most of the time someone uses these phrases, it’s over dramatic. These phrases are often used to hurt someone else or to show anger. If you’re upset about something, be specific. There’s no reason too add drama.

5. “With All Due Respect”
Think about what comes after this phrase. 99.9% of the time, it’s something that is not respectful. Using this phrase doesn’t give you a free pass to say whatever you want. A smart person would never use it to ease into a conversation that’s going to hurt someone else.

6. “Like I Said Before”
Everyone forgets things from time to time. This phrase tells someone else you’re insulted that you have to repeat yourself. If you’re repeating yourself over and over again and the other person isn’t understanding, try clarifying instead.

7. “I Told You So”
No one likes to hear this phrase. It’s childish, immature and it can only be used to make yourself feel better and to make someone else feel worse. A smart person doesn’t boast, even when they’re right.

8. “I Don’t Care”
If someone else is asking your opinion, it’s because they care to hear it. Whether you’re being asked where you want to go for dinner, what movie you’d like to watch or which shirt looks nicer, take the time to give the other person feedback. Saying “I don’t care” can be hurtful.

9. “I Give Up”
A smart person never says these three little words out loud. Even when you feel defeated, know that you are much stronger, smarter and more capable than you realize. Replace this phrase with “I can do this” instead!

Source: Interesting Facts & Information

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