7 Things People Imagine When You Say You Are From Ethiopia

By Vira Babe

Ethiopia is one of the largest  and most respected countries on the Africa continent. There are a lot of things about Ethiopia that most of the other countries don’t know.

Those who has been to Ethiopia also share rumors about the country that are actually not true but since most of the people outside Ethiopia has never been there before, they are forced to believe in what the person who visited says.

This doesn’t happen to only Ethiopia, it happens to all countries on  the surface of this earth.

Here are 7 stereotypes about Ethiopia. (How the world sees Ethiopia)

 1. Ethiopia is a desert.

Most photos on the internet coming from Ethiopia are taken from the undeveloped areas or villages in Ethiopia.

This makes the whole world assume that the whole of Ethiopia looks exactly like they see in photos and documentaries on the internet.

2. Ethiopians are poor and hungry

Due to the fact that bad news spread faster than good news, the 2011 famine in Ethiopia got the whole world thinking that Ethiopia is a poor and hungry country.

It also runs down to the kind of photos that came out of Ethiopia since that time till now. Just like any other country, there is place where people get enough to eat and even feed their animals with the rest.

3. All Ethiopians worship Haile Selassie I

Rastafarianism is one of the world’s cultures that is much attributed to formal emperor Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia.

Since Rastafarians are seen by the world to be worshipers of Haile Selassie I, the world think that since Haile Selassie I is from Ethiopia, then the Ethiopians worship him even more than the rastafarians do.

4. All Ethiopians speak the same language.

People think Africans as a whole including Ethiopians speak the same language. Well, I think for sure that there are over 200 different languages spoken across the Africa continent.

Ethiopia is made up of many different ethnic groups which each group speak their own unique language so probably not all of them speak that language that everybody call; “African”.

5. There are no fat people in Ethiopia

Due to the fact that people assume that Ethiopians are poor and hungry, they are made to believe that there is no way an Ethiopian is going to grow fat.

It doesn’t end there, the believe is also influenced by photos that are posted online every now and then from Ethiopia.

6. If you want to count Ethiopians, line doughnuts along the streets.

This stereotype sounds really funny but I have heard people many times say this particular thing.

It still narrows down to the believe that Ethiopians are hungry people so whenever you want to get their attention, all you need is just present food.

7. All Ethiopian girls are very pretty.

Some people can see an Ethiopian girl and be like; “You don’t look Ethiopian at all.” I have witnessed such a situation several times.

I’m always left with the question; “How does Ethiopian girls look like at all?” There is no way all the people from a particular region will look alike.

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