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Have you ever thought why you are not getting to see visible results even after starving yourselves to death?

Why you are unable to shed weight even after a tough exercise regimen?

Why you still don’t fit in those old clothes even after working out like crazy?

Well, it has now been proved that what you eat immediately after a workout is more important than what you eat off and on during the day.


Nutrition experts have pointed out that a post exercise meal should ideally consist of:

  • Some protein
  • Complex carbohydrates, and
  • Some water.

Recent researches have clearly proved that the glucose in the body gets used up during a workout. So, immediately after you have run a mile or done those grueling sit-ups, push-ups and weights, etc, you need to pop up some foods which will help raise the level of sugar in your body.

But wait!

You don’t have to drink a chocolate shake or a fruit smoothie to restore your blood sugar to a healthy level. The level needs to be increased gradually. And THAT is the key to shedding weight while exercising.

Here is a list of 7 foods which you need to avoid like the proverbial plague after a workout:

  1. Bread

Bread, especially white bread, is the deadliest sin for a weight loss enthusiast. The starch in bread gets converted into sugar rapidly. But rapid replenishment is NOT what you need immediately after exercising. What you do need is nutrients. Get them from other sources.

If you love bread and just cant live without it, make sure to have a very small portion of it. Better still, opt for multi-grain bread. Avoid white bread as far as possible.

2.  Milkshakes

Most people find a glass of chilled strawberry shake or a fruit smoothie instantly gratifying after an hour of exercising.

But if you are having a drink that is laden with sugar immediately after you exercise, you are making a mistake.

And make sure to opt for fat free milk or a low fat version of it for your shake. Iced tea and green tea are good options too!

3.   Fruit drinks

I did that for almost a year! I feel so silly having done that now.

I would head for the refrigerator to pour myself a low-sugar version of orange juice after getting back from the gym. I found a chilled glass of it refreshing and energizing. How wrong I was!

The energy, I now realize, is because of the high sugar content. No matter what you pick off the shelf, it is bound to contain added sugar to appeal to your taste buds. Most smart sellers use the words like sucrose, fructose, etc instead of sugar in the table of contents to befool people like us.

If you must have a fruit drink, squeeze some fresh juice at home. Or, opt for a glass of coconut water.

4.   Cheese

Cheese is a strict no-no on your diet chart if you want to shed some extra kilos off you. Particularly after you have had a workout.

The reason being that cheese is full of saturated fats and salt, both of which contribute to weight gain.

Try to satisfy your craving for a salty snack by munching on soya crisps instead.

In case of cheese, even a ‘little’ is too much for you.

5.  Eggs with yolk

Now, eggs are not bad per se. especially if you have them without the yolk.

Infact, they are one of the best foods you can have after a workout because thy are rich in both proteins and choline which re good for your heart.

If you love them, have them boiled. Just don’t have fried eggs or cheese omlettes!

So, if you get back home after a workout and have two slices of white bread with a cheese omlette, that should explain why he best of weight plans are not working for you.

6.  Processed meats

All processed meats like salamis, sausages, bacon and ham, etc are rich in fat and salt. They contribute to weight gain also by slowing down the metabolic system.

No matter how hard pressed for time you are, resist the temptation of throwing up a quick salami sandwich! If you must have  a chicken sandwich to kick start your day, use boiled and shredded chicken in a low fat dressing.

7.  Raw vegetables

Though uncooked veggies are great for health, they lack the nutrients which your body needs after a tough round of exercise. Your muscles which are worn out after a workout need lots of quick energy to keep you going through the day. You need a meal which gives you some proteins, which raw veggies are not capable of providing you. A yogurt dip or some hummus might be a good idea instead!


This is a list of 7 foods which top the list of foods you should avid eating after a workout if you want to see some results with your weight loss plans.

Start eating more carefully after you exercise and see the difference!


Source: Interesting Facts & Information


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