Eritrean Music 2018 – Abrar Osman~ኣብራር ዑስማን | zegerm~ዘገርም

 Music of Eritrea Eritrea is a country in the Horn of Africa. Perhaps the most famous Eritrean musicians in history are Edris wad Amir, Ibrahim wad goret, Edris M.Ali, Zainab Bashir,Fatima Ibrahim, Engineer Asgedom Woldemichael, Wad Asheikh, Bereket Mengisteab, Yemane Baria, Osman Abderrehim, Alamin Abdeletif and Atowe Birhan Segid, some of whose music was banned by the Ethiopian government in the 1970s. Also of note is Bereket Mengistab, who…

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