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The society that we live in today is obsessed with appearance and so people have become more focused on how other people see them.


Well, when it comes to teeth…some people have stained or yellow teeth that come about from smoking or taking too much coffee and other beverages that do not do justice to their natural white teeth. Now, your smile and teeth say a lot about a person,…who you are and your health status. It is important to have a set of clean white teeth. So here are a few natural tips to keep your teeth shining white making your smile a million dollar one.

1.The most common and natural way to teeth maintenance is brushing your teeth regularly especially after eating or drinking. We all know this yet 90% of us cast a blind eye to this helpful fact. Brushing your teeth after eating takes away food particles and other bad acidic remnants that are not good for the teeth.

2.Eat  more strawberries. Now to me, this sounds like a really good tip since strawberries are pretty sweet and here is the thing… they also help give your teeth a cleaner, polished look.

Strawberries contain an enzyme called malic acid that works the magic on your teeth. Mix the strawberries with baking powder and apply on your teeth. Give it a few months and note the big difference.

3. Charcoal! Yes… Charcoal works wonders and in countries like India it is still broadly used to clean teeth. The activated carbon in charcoal is known to absorb impurities from water. It is also known as a cleansing agent if one has cracks on the tooth surface.

4. Lemon juice. Mix a teaspoon of lemon juice with a pinch of salt or a little baking soda. Rub this mixture on your teeth. You can also eat lemons by themselves if you can tolerate it. Too much lemon juice on the teeth can cause sensitivity because of its acidic properties so remember to moderate the use.

5.Apple Cider Vinegar is the next solution on my list, it’s a very effective way to clean your teeth and most people comment that after Apple Cider has worked its magic one looks like he or she had their teeth professionally cleaned. However, it is acidic and may weaken the enamel so avoid too much use of it.

6.A Carrot a day will take you a long way. Yes, some of you may argue that carrots are best known for eye development but carrots also keep away discolored teeth. The fibrous nature of the carrot will help to clean the tooth surface and prevent plaque accumulation. A very good advantage of carrots is that unlike citrus fruits or vinegar it does not have any acidic properties and therefore you can eat as much as you want and note the difference after a considerable amount of time.

7.Adding more fibrous foods to your diet is very important. Do away with all the sugary foods and beverages like coffee and avoiding smoking too.  The fibers in the diet act as natural brushes which clean the surface of the tooth with abrasive surfaces and prevent any accumulation of food or plaque.

8.In addition to this, we have dark chocolate. Yes! Chocolate lovers am sure are very keen on this. Well as much as we have repeatedly been told to stay away from sweet things, dark chocolate is actually beneficial. So this is how it works; keeping your tooth enamel strong can help prevent staining and might also encourage whitening as well.

Dark chocolate contains a compound that helps strengthen your tooth enamel so that high-staining foods are not as effective at discoloration. This substance, called theobromine, hardens the surface of your teeth, which helps keep them whiter.

9.Eating dairy products like yoghurt,milk and cheese. They are known to prevent tooth decay which usually leads to discoloration of the teeth. Furthermore, hard cheese like cheddar is known to whiten the teeth and remove food particles.

10.Sugarless gum is also known to make the teeth whiter especially that made with Xylitol.  Research indicates that it reduces the amount of bacteria in the mouth. It also helps to buffer the teeth against the effect of acid. Most sugarless gums and sugarless candies increase the flow of saliva, which helps to protect your teeth against bacteria.

Source : http://www.capitalfm.co.ke/lifestyle/2013/04/23/10-home-remedies-for-whiter-teeth/

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